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Savannah's history is full of art and artists, Hattie Saussy being one of them. She studied at Telfair Academy as a girl and went on to make some of the most beautiful portraits and landscapes of this town's people and places. She lived from 1890-1978 and split her time between New York and Savannah...we think this tie transitions nicely from city to city, day to day, it's timeless just like Hattie's work.


Shown in butterfly style, also available in straight cut and diamond point.


All ties are made with love in historic Savannah, Georgia. Each fabric is carefully chosen for its uniqueness and character and there’s usually a tale to go along, too!


Because you tie them on, Buck & Doe self-tie Bow Ties have a uniqueness and a bit of asymmetry that give them a natural charm.

Hattie Bow Tie

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